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Embark is a free networking site for web3 artists, developers, and other freelancers to connect.
There are so many talented freelancers looking to break into web3, Embark provides a free platform for experts to showcase their talents.

It is free to list your services and/or post job requests on Embark. Each standard free listing is automatically set to expire 7 days from its published date.

Premium listings are available for a small fee, and the duration of listings is 30 days.

We do not handle any payment processing between users, this is simply a networking site for you to get in touch with experts in web3.

If you’d like priority listing placement, there is an addon feature you’re able to select in your user dashboard. Once you choose the feature, you’ll be directed to the payment checkout page.

There is a 30% discount for listing upgrades and addons if you pay with 420 Tokens by CareBuds Finance. 420 Token is a BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. Find out more here.

You can start by listing your service and completing a profile. Once you’re ready to publish your listing, a featured listing option will be available for purchase. If you want to post a free listing first, you can go into your account to purchase a featured priority listing later on.

We accept ETH, BNB, and BUSD (bep20). If you’d like to pay with 420 Tokens (BSC) by CareBuds Finance and receive a 30% discount, please send us a message or contact CareBuds directly via Telegram.

CareBuds Finance is a community-driven web3 company that serves as a resource hub and has developed several platforms to empower web3 communities. Embark is a branch of CareBuds Finance; feel free to check out the main site for more info.

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